Thursday, February 21, 2013

Root's Toenail

I know - what an odd name for a post!  Last night when I got home it was still only 20 degrees - so I thought about bundling up and taking the dogs on the short walk around the neighborhood, except that poor Roo Roo was limping a little bit.  We checked over his leg and back and found that he has a cracked toenail on his left rear foot.  We are going to see the vet Monday to see if there is anything they can do for it - but it looks like he may have to tough it out.  A few weeks ago he got it caught in the vent in the kitchen and we thought it was fine, but he's pretty uncomfortable at the moment.  So there was no walk.

It's supposed to start snowing in Lincoln around noon.  This evening we'll take care of snow removal and I'm looking forward to a massage at 7.  I have been working on a commercial assignment to go along with one of my papers so I finished selecting photographs last night and tonight we'll add the music.... hopefully it will come out the way that I am imagining it.

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