Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We Are Family

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!

Tonight is another attempt to blend our families together. Erik has a vocal music performance and we're going to meet everyone for dinner at "Buster's" BBQ and Pizza. In other places this might seem strange, but it is actually an attempt to keep two businesses open by combining them. For those who are from Lincoln this is the combining of a BBQ joint with what used to be Ramo's Pizza. Because we want to have a super fun wedding day, we're trying to get everyone into the spirit of togetherness early.

Of note. Tonight after the concert and taking grandma and grandpa home, we will do the final "walk through" on our "Nest". I'm not sure the real estate agent or the seller were excited that we had to wait until 9pm. Tomorrow morning Brian will sign the closing papers and we'll have a house before the wedding. For those who are curious, Erik and I will not be moving in until the wedding =) We're traditional and non-traditional all at the same time!

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