Monday, October 5, 2009

Waiting for Spring

My mom's best friend Carol came to Lincoln yesterday with two tubs full of plants and blubs to put in to our new yard =) Now we're just waiting for spring to show all our work. We added surprise lillies, iris, tiger lillies, aster, blazing star, lambs ear and hosta. It will hopefully be beautiful when it all blooms.

This week we'll run as fast as we can again. Brian will be installing more than 30 brand new computers at one of his banks, thank goodness his counterpart from western Nebraska is able to come down and help. And really thank goodness that it's a bank easily within driving distance. I'm hoping that we'll get to see both of the men one night for dinner.

Saturday we spent with the Lincoln Southeast Marching Band in Clarinda, Iowa. The Knights got first in their class for the field competition, second in their class for the parade, first place overall for the entire competition, best woodwinds and best drumline. The kids were SO excited and happy! (One of the awards is actually called the Glen Miller Band Award!)

Erik has football and a concert for choir on Tuesday, scouts, popcorn blitz, the oh so famous Thursday night Husker game and the Links Marching competition this week. If we didn't have marching band he would be at Senior High Youth Retreat for church. And if that wasn't enough Brian and I have classes again starting today. What would we do if we weren't so busy???

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