Friday, May 15, 2009

Dresses for the ladies

I think we officially have schedules figured out to find dresses for the bridesmaids. The matron of honor (Mrs. Duryea) and I will be going to look at dresses on Saturday, June 6 at all the bridal stores in town. We will both wear comfy shoes and may need lots of alcohol. After that she and I will practice the electric slide in our basement. Honestly, when we were young we were coordinated, we'll get there again!

Then, on Sunday, June 14, the rest of the bridesmaids and I will go check out the dresses and try to make a final decision. I am hopeful that we will be able to find something in the right shade of purple in the perfect price range, and maybe it will even be something in stock that requires only the most minor of alterations. A girl's got to dream right?

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