Monday, May 18, 2009

So many options

It must have been easier to get married 100 years ago. The average person didn't have a ton of money for their wedding dress, there probably weren't possible reception halls on every corner, there probably weren't so many choices. Maybe then weddings were more like "you've seen one, you've seen them all". I want our wedding to be different like we are. I just didn't imagine that there would be so many choices. Like how much do we want to pay for terra cotta pots for the merigolds, or what color of purple do I want for the programs, the invitations, the napkins, truly the list goes on.

We have started to order things for our big day. This makes it more urgent, more real, more exciting, and yet, more time consuming than I had imagined. We are both looking forward to our break from school and the end of Erik's school year activities. Hopefully the breaks will help us to get ready for September!

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