Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Will Survive

School started for Brian and I last Wednesday. My first math class was cancelled for a blizzard while Brian was in Colorado trying to change a circuit and start his Anatomy homework. We spent the weekend getting used to our new classes and last night Brian spent 5 hours on homework while I spent 2 hours in class and 2 hours on homework. What does it mean when Erik can check my work and tutor me?

This could be a very long quarter. The good news is my "rapid fire" math is still with me. I have retained all my memorized multiplication tables so that part goes well... now if I can just get accustomed to the double negatives =) Brian is taking Anatomy and at the last minute made it into a Humanities class. So far he is a fan of neither, but we're trying to make it through =) If you come over and we're in the office crying or you see us fighting each other for the last cup of coffee we're sorry, and we'll be back to ourselves again in no time! Like towards the middle to end of March!

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