Friday, January 15, 2010

Not a Creature Was Stirring

Last night when we got home from work and school we all delved into our homework while dinner was cooking (yum, meatloaf in January!!!). After about 30 minutes I realized that we were all home and the house was completely silent. Erik was busy studying and taking last minute notes for his Biology final, I was absorbed in my Public Speaking textbook and Brian was in the living room wishing that he hadn't signed up for Anatomy class. After today Erik will have a four day weekend (MLK day and a teacher planning day) and then it will be time for second semester which means that soon we'll see spring. This weekend I have to start the research for my first speech and Brian will work on memorization for his next test. I can't believe we decided to go on our honeymoon during such a heavy class load, but we'll have fun and relax in spite of doing homework every day that we're gone.

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