Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beautiful Conditions

Friday after work Brian dragged the bikes out and we did the quick six - it was windy and I was cranky but it was good to get out for a ride.

Saturday morning the boys went to help finish an Eagle scout project and I ran deacon errands and did a little housework. In the evening Brian and I completed the second run for Couch to 5k and Cache is mostly certain that we have lost our minds.

Sunday the weather reminded us that its still spring in Nebraska with mild temperatures and rain off and on. We compromised on a rest day and took the dogs for a short walk. We also attended an Eagle ceremony at church and had Brian's parents over for dinner - all in all it was a pretty busy weekend.

Yesterday the weather couldn't have been nicer. Lincoln saw low 70's with plenty of sunshine so we did the third run for Couch to 5k. I'm starting to wonder about logistics with the runs but enjoying it for the most part =) I ran a LOT while I was pregnant with Erik (was that really 18 years ago???) and it's starting to come back.

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