Monday, March 19, 2012

Walk On By

This weekend had a lot of walking for me. Friday when I got off work I changed clothes and then took my mom's beagle for a two mile walk before taking Cache for two miles of his own. My legs were tired but I was glad I did it.

Saturday morning Brian had some bike drama with the scouts with one kid whose bike had been damaged when his dad "fixed" it. They have some work to do to gain endurance but it will be a good year for the merit badge. Saturday night we did our work for Couch to 5K at Lincoln Memorial, it really is my favorite place to run.

Sunday was our first experience serving deacon coffee, it actually went fairly well all things considered. Sunday afternoon Cache got his bath and then a walk before we took him to doggie class for the first time. The teacher thinks he will benefit from a consultation with the Minnesota Dog Whisperer. Last night we were all pretty lazy and I was in bed by 8:30. Tonight is our next run and it sounds like it will be a windy and rainy week here, hopefully we can keep right on moving!

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