Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Love College

And it's a darn good thing because Brian and I both thought I was going to be able to start my core program classes in the Spring (2010) but it turns out some of my "old" hours from the 90's didn't count as well with the board as we were hoping... so I'll need to take winter, spring and summer term and then start my program in September/October 2010 and graduate in fall 2011.

Brian is a lucky duck =) His microsoft certifications were worth a lot more credit than we had hoped for so we're going to squeeze him into a science class this spring (maybe we can take one together) and then he'll be able to start his program core in either April or June. We're glad to have a Bellevue team available to us in Lincoln... now to get the rest of the way done with school. The best news is that we will both be all the way done with our under grad programs when Erik starts college and if Brian runs fast enough he might be done with grad school by then.

Keep your fingers crossed for us. For those who didn't hear the great news, during the summer term (that was during our wedding and all the planning) Brian came out with a GPA of 3.86 and Christi maintained her 4.0!

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