Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Do You Mean It's November?

I keep thinking that we only have one more week that's packed full and then we get to the end and sitting right there is another one. Monday night we had hoped to decide on the pictures for the wedding album. Unfortunately homework got in the way. Last night Erik had extra drum practice, Brian and I had bells (it's a REALLY hard piece) and we all had homework again. Tonight is the Reserve Football Banquet, we're taking apples and dip (if you like cream cheese let me know and I'll get you the recipe). Tomorrow night is scouts and Friday night LSE varsity has another playoff game. We have filled up Saturday with errands, band commitments, the Husker game, homework and a birthday party, and on Sunday Erik has a few things at church.

Someday we'll have a week with NOTHING to do and everyone we know will fall over in surprise. If there is something you've been waiting to get from us holler, sorry that sometimes it takes an extra reminder but darn it we try hard!

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