Monday, November 3, 2014

Time for a Challenge!!!

Since I have been neglecting the blog let me start out by saying that my new job is AWESOME!!!! I love all the challenges and I am often mentally exhausted at the end of the day - which is REALLY good for me! I have also been an excise slacker and there is GOOD food in IT so I have gained 5 pounds since August 11 (my official first day). Now is the time to get the weight off, renew my commitment to training and get the house cleaned up!

 I have decided to do the Run Eat Repeat pile on the miles challenge so I'll have to run 3 days every week - and report it - to make me accountable. I am also planning at least one housework task every single day - in addition to regular cleaning. Over the weekend I went through 4 bags of clothes and got them out of the house.

 The biggest challenge with be the freezer/pantry challenge!!! EVERY day in November I have made a challenge for our house to use up an item in the freezer or pantry (both are completely overstuffed at the moment). Saturday I used up 1 item from the freezer (hamburger) and two items from the pantry (pasta sauce and lasagna noodles) to make Erik's favorite lasagna. Sunday I used 1 can of cream of chicken soup and 1 box of stuffing to make Company is Coming chicken. Since we have an away game tonight for Erik I'm going to pack snacks out of the pantry. While this challenge will surely fill us up with preservatives, it will help to clean out the house and make room for healthy food selections. I chose to do this in November since we will be double hosting Thanksgiving and that will help to get rid of LOTS of cans and jars. Watch for daily updates! Hope you had a happy Halloween and are enjoying other social networking challenges!  Maybe at the end my pantry will look like this?

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