Monday, July 28, 2014

Chubba Wubba

By the end of last week I was able to shed 4.5 pounds of the vacation weight. Sadly, over the weekend I was left alone with a chocolate zucchini cake and went to a funeral where there were leftover desserts and I gained 3 of the 4.5 pounds back. The weather looks LOVELY this week so I'll have no excuse to not work out! Saturday morning I went for a 4 mile run with my friend Susan - it felt pretty amazing to get out on the trails! After that we spent 6 hours at church for a funeral. It was a long day but the family enjoyed all of the amenities. Sunday morning we all rolled out of bed by 7 (Sleeping in by my clock!)ate a quick breakfast and spent the whole morning on yard chores. We got rid of volunteer trees and an overgrown area in our yard and took out 5 volunteer trees at my mom's, plus a BIG section of morning glory vines. I loved morning glories when I was a kid - as an adult I want to threaten them with the roundup. The afternoon was spent with a variety of errands and housework and I can proudly say ALL the laundry is caught up again - for a day!

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