Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Long Walk/Short Night

Working open to close every day this week with a miserable cold is wearing me down.... and making me cranky - really cranky, almost too difficult to be around cranky. Last night after work I raced home and threw a frozen pizza in the oven since we have been working hard to eat the leftovers. Then I hacked open a cantaloupe and made some kale chips. After Erik and I ate I took the dogs up to pay the cable bill. We saw three different dogs and they did surprisingly well. Brian had to stay at work late to work on the Highlander. We had something chew on the wiring harness so he and a co-worker stayed late to replace the wiring. Thank goodness we knew someone with experience! After our walk I packed the pantry for vacation and the dog sitters came over. Hopefully we can get through the rest of the last minute stuff tonight and then tomorrow will be packing only.

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