Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I HATE Summer Colds

Since I quit smoking in 2008 I RARELY get sick so when a nasty cold comes on it makes me a very cranky bear. We were in a lot of different places and exposed to a LOT of people this weekend so I suspect that is where I picked it up. Last night I thought my head and nose would explode with mucous and this morning I still feel pretty foggy. Hopefully I can do another day with plenty of liquids, Sudafed and ibuprofen and have it kicked before we go on vacation. There is nothing worse than being sick at the lake! Last night after work Erik and I feasted on leftovers, took the dogs for a walk and then I met my friend Tami for a pedicure. I now have lovely purple/pink toes and I was surprised that there is still some bruising from the half marathon - almost 2 months ago. Hopefully that will resolve without me losing any toenails. Before bed I took a shot of Nyquil and had the most interesting dreams about running. Maybe that means I'm ready to start my full training program again!

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