Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And Then It Started To Rain

A few years ago Brian and I had a rain joke between the two of us because every time that we went out of town it rained. If we left Lincoln our reward was grey, wet and cloudy weather. This summer we have transitioned from mowing three yards (Jim and Becky, my mom, our house) to mowing four yards. (We just added my mom's friend Margaret.) Last night it looked a little cloudy but the weatherman promised the storms wouldn't start until after sunset (for Lincoln in the spring/early summer that means 9 or later). A few minutes before six we packed up and headed out with the hope that we would get all four done. Brian got his finished and our yard has about a 16x20 section left. I was doing great in the backyard, and then it started to rain (before 7).

Don't get me wrong, we need the moisture and it really makes the yards look better. My new lilies are loving it! I just wish that we could have gotten through our work first. Hopefully it gets it out of its system so that Erik can have a dry week at camp!

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