Monday, June 8, 2009

A Lovely Weekend

Even though it was finals weekend we made the best of it! Friday night the rain held off until midnight so we were able to take Erik and his friends to the Omaha Royals game. Everyone had a lot of fun and we watched an electrical storm all the way home. Overnight between Friday and Saturday Lincoln got almost 2 inches of rain (we have turned the sprinklers ahead a week) and it looked pretty cloudy Saturday morning. About 9am everything cleared, we packed Erik for camp and headed out to the columns at Pioneers Park for a wedding.

Zach and Kim had a beautiful service, they used the "Hands" poem that my great aunt Mary told us about when we were in Kansas City and then we headed to their reception at Yankee Hill golf club. Everyone had a wonderful time and we were able to make a decision on where to get our cake from!!! We left the reception to get Erik to camp (he's sleeping in an air conditioned cabin this year) and then came back to Lincoln, took care of the nice cat that we're babysitting and spent a quiet evening together.

Sunday we spent the majority of the day working on finals. Brian's grandparents gave us some more lily of the valley and 23 iris so we put those in after the rain subsided and now I can't wait to see the yard next spring. Tonight we both have assignments to wrap up and then we'll have 5 weeks off!!! Every single day we're going to take care of something for the wedding and something at the house, but at least we won't have homework on top of it for a little while.

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