Thursday, June 4, 2009


Here it is Thursday morning and our weekend is already packed to overflowing! Tonight Erik has band camp, tomorrow he'll be there all day. When he gets done tomorrow (weather permitting) we will take he and two friends to Omaha to see the Omaha Royals play. It will be our first baseball game of the year! Saturday morning we need to pack Erik for camp and then we have a wedding to go to. (Congratulations Zach and Kim!!!) After the wedding we're driving Erik to camp and then coming home to work on our finals. Sunday it will be time to mow four lawns again and we both have final exams to take that day. The good news is that next week we will get a few nights for fun.

Brian's boss will be in town on Wednesday and he has kindly accepted our invitation for a night out on the town. Thursday night I'm going to see an old neighbor who is up to something with vitamins (if you're interested shoot me an e-mail and I'll give you her number) and Friday night we're going to work on our house and spend time with a few friends. I started working on our "things to do during summer break" list this morning before I left for work. Brian's a hair nervous since its already 2 pages long, but I think we can make it!

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