Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't Fence Me In

Friday night when we got to our house the yard was sopping wet from the rain so we called Jeff and met him for pizza and then we spent the rest of the evening working on wedding stuff. The bridesmaids officially have earrings! I'm sure I was the only one worried about that!

Saturday morning it rained again so my mom and I went dress shopping (there are 4 maybe dresses) and Brian and Erik went out for a driving lesson. We also got the wedding favors ordered!!! Saturday afternoon we got three of the four yards mowed before it started to rain again.

Father's Day we got up and went for a nice long bike ride, then got to work on the fence. Brian, Erik, Brian's brother's and his dad all came over and somehow got all the posts cemented in and leveled. Later this week (after the heat index gets back down under 100) we'll try to get the fence stretched!!!

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