Monday, June 1, 2009

Girl Stuff

To begin this post - Erik is 15 now!!! How unbelievable! Brian and I are taking him this afternoon to get his driver's permit. Clear the sidewalks!!!

Diane and I had a fantastic time trying on dresses Saturday. We hit four of the local bridal stores and have about 5 possible bridesmaid dresses. Now to get an opinion from the other bridesmaids =) It was fun to talk about wedding stuff and spend a girl's day. We have Dava (the flower girl) with us and I think she had more fun trying on than anyone else in the store!

Brian and Greg got to use the gutter robot to clean the gutters at our nest and I think they had fun together.

We are doing a few "extra" things for the bridal party so we spent time with Brian's mom yesterday doing design work, it was really a lot of fun!

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