Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dressed to the Nines

We spent about an hour at Men's Warehouse last night. Brian picked out his tuxedo and we have the vests assigned. There will be a lot to keep track of with who is wearing what. Apparently this is very trendy. I always thought that everyone wore the same outfit, which leds me to believe that I'm not very trendy! We also went to HyVee but the cake lady gets off early so we might have to take some time off work to catch her.

I got the limo ordered yesterday afternoon and we can change the pick-up time until a week before so I'll talk to the photographer some and see if I am pushing things too fast. We are taking pictures after the ceremony, before the reception, but the good news for our guests is that we will be having a cocktail party with snacks at the reception hall. If the Husker football game is close to the time of the wedding/reception there will also be a big screen tv available on one side of the hall so that fans can keep up!

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