Monday, April 2, 2012

30 Rides in 30 Days

I did the challenge last year in May and survived - in all honesty the plan really helped me to bond with my bike and to be ok with riding alone. 30 rides in 30 days is a national cycling project/challenge to ride your bike every single day - rain or shine - in the month of April. It doesn't matter how far you ride as long as you get out every day. Brian is doing the cycling merit badge with scouts this spring so we have challenged the kids to do 30 in 30 as well and if they succeed we'll celebrate with a pizza party.

It was a WILD weekend, Friday I spent time with Diane and the kids checking out possible plants for the re-landscaping project at our house and watched a movie in the evening. Saturday morning we had dog class and then the scouts had a hot afternoon ride. Our evening was mostly quiet, getting ready for band stuff and helping Erik with the prom date project. Saturday morning's run went surprisingly well for me - I am remembering the enjoyment I got from running before and the ability for it to clear my head.

Sunday we left the house in the dark for April Tuba's/Fool's Day and pranked 13 houses - the kids had a great time. In the afternoon we rested, made dinner - did a ton of laundry and rode 5 miles from our house up to Essex and back - for the boys it was a recovery ride, for me it was the first ride of the 30 in 30 challenge. Tonight we are triple booked so hopefully everything will go according to plan!

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