Monday, April 23, 2012

Cake, Wine and Electronics

It was a wonderful and busy weekend. Friday as soon as we got off work Brian and I packed up and left for Kansas City. We enjoyed dinner with Uncle Wayne and Aunt Mary and checked into the hotel quickly before heading to the Uptown Theater for a Very Special Night with Cake. It was SO awesome to see the band in a small venue and there was no opening act. They played the first set, took a quick break and played the second set and one encore. After dinner we stopped at the Waffle House (because we have to do that whenever we go to KC) and then slept 4 hours and raced back to Lincoln for the LSE Band Electronics Recycling event. We had a good morning ($442 in donations and monitor fees) and then I met Brian and Erik for the scout bike ride. We capped off the day with dinner at our house and a trip to Menard's for outdoor solar lighting.

Sunday morning we got groceries, went to church, got a little yard work done and then went to Wunder Rosa for a wine tasting and came home with two bottles, their Capital City Red is a deep, rich, sweet, wine that will be nice for a night out on the deck. We also picked up a bottle of Cottontail which will be perfect with dessert - maybe we'll have dessert and wine for dinner the week after Erik's graduation.

Friday we rode quickly around the block before we left, Saturday Erik did 20 miles, Brian had 15 and I rode around the block and Sunday we all rode 5 miles together - and bumped into Vicki at the end of the ride =) Hopefully tonight we can get a little distance and slip into bed early!

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