Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Z is for Zysset

Over the weekend I got what felt like a little blister in the back of my mouth above my last tooth. It hasn't been sore but continues to feel swollen so I ran over to the dentist yesterday to see what it was. Good thing I went - there is an infection in the gums because the tooth cracked around the filling which means that Tuesday, April 24th I'll be having the tooth pulled. In 3-4 months I can decide if I want a permanent implant to replace it. I'm lucky because it really doesn't hurt at all - but kind of annoyed that I'm having to have a tooth pulled.

Last night the grad school webinar was ok - it was nice to learn more about the program director but I wish they had separate programs for current students and candidates. May 7 is the first day of school =) Hopefully I'll get a list of textbooks soon!

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