Monday, April 16, 2012

Beat the Clock, Beat the Storm

Friday night before Titanic we did a nice five mile ride, I had hoped we could get our run in but it was a busy afternoon with errands and appointments. Saturday morning we jumped out of bed and made it through getting groceries. It was VERY odd, when we went into the grocery store there was no fog and when we came back out, 25 minutes later, we couldn't see the parking lot from the doors of the store. We jumped on the bikes about 8:30 and got in 11 miles before the first round of rain. Lincoln ended up with nearly 3 inches in 24 hours.

Erik and his friend Matthew made an effort to go to the Red/White game at Memorial Stadium but the weather channel guys got the best of sporting officials and the game was cancelled at kickoff - not to worry though, the boys EASILY ate their $10 a ticket in free concessions. Saturday night the tornado sirens went off so we assessed the situation and went back to bed =)

Sunday was packed full with a baptism at Southpointe Christian for Brian's cousin, lunch at his aunt's house and dog class for Cache at church. Lincoln had high winds forecast so we rode early and did 2 miles with thunder echoing above us. Sunday night we watched a little TV and went to bed early in preparation for another busy week!

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