Friday, July 17, 2009

72 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Brian and I like to try new beers on vacation. We usually hit the liquor store (Mike's) a few times while we're here and buy a six pack of something we know we like with a six pack of something we've never tried before. This has provided us with many interesting adventures in the past and this year we have developed a love for Labatt's Blue Light and Michelob Ultra Raspberry Pomegrante. We learned that we're not very into Land Shark Lager. We have a six pack for tonight and then vacation will be over.

The rain has continued, I think the high here today is 52. We went into town this morning and had ice cream and got our Ely 2016 Olympic t-shirts. My mom and I went to Mary's Spinning Wheel and picked up some more fabric for her blueberry quilt and a few things for a wall quilt or throw for the basement at our new house.

We only got one good sunset this week so we thought we'd share a glimpse with you. Close your eyes, imagine the water lapping lightly at the rocks, smell the birch, the pine, the ferns and the blueberries, then take a deep breath and check out the sunset. Hopefully next year we'll have 1 day of rain and the rest will be sunny!

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