Friday, July 31, 2009

Blueberries are Blue

As many of you know Christi's family vacations EVERY year in the north woods. There is a contingent of Kirkegaard's there as we speak. One of Christi's cousins published a VERY special book this year, entitled The Magic of Ely, MN... in haiku. The poems and pictures are absolutely stunning. To learn more check out this link :

A few years ago Sandie, and her husband Craig, and Erik's great great uncle Wayne took Erik out to catch two different kinds of fish for his Boy Scout fishing merit badge. Erik was elated to have caught the first Northern Pike of the day and his special fish is featured in the book. The other book on Sandie's site is called "Yesterday... just yesterday" and it makes a great book if you are headed to any baby showers.

Enjoy. Ely is very special to our family and to many other people. If you are ever offered a week in the north woods take it =) In the interim, this book will take you on the introductory tour.

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