Friday, July 10, 2009

On Vacation

Well, we safely made it to Owatonna MN, the stopping point for the night. Things ran smoothly for both cars. Nancy (Christi's mom), and Erik left a few hours before Christi and I did. They had a nice ride until they got close to the hotel (about 20 miles out). They hit a very poorly marked construction zone, and crawled along at 5mph or less for almost 2 hours! Christi and I made it there, and spent 30 minutes going through the same zone (about 4 miles).

Tomorrow we will get up and check out, and head further north. 302 more miles to be exact (according to Along the way we'll make a few stops, including the Wal-Mart in Virginia where we stop at for groceries every year. Once we get there the real fun begins!

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