Friday, July 31, 2009

The Bride Ride

Last night after work we met my mom for dinner and then headed to the party store, the craft store and Shopko. We got the tulle for the ride veils (I thought long and hard about naming this posting "What a Tulle" or some other kind of play on words!), priced the plastic champagne flutes for the ride and picked up most of Erik's school supplies. I LOVE it when notebooks are on sale for ten cents each!

Then we finalized the invitations for the Bride Ride and asked for mock-ups of the invite for the Groom Zoom. Brian is getting excited about his ride too =)

Today we're going to meet with one more florist and then we'll make a final decision and get the order done. We're using Brian's lunch break to get our marriage license. These last five weeks are going to be gone in a blink.

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