Monday, July 27, 2009

Say Yes To the Dress

Saturday after our ride (we decided almost to Sprague that we didn't want to ride back so we called my mom and had them meet us for lunch and got a ride back!) I got cleaned up and went with my mom to check out one last wedding dress. Her friend Roger (my local father figure) came along and we decided that the dress I found at J Marie's Off the Rack on Thursday was definitely our favorite. We found a veil and hair clip that matched and I am officially a fully dressed bride. My first fitting appointment is August 3 and while there are a few little pieces of work that need to be done with the beading and one of the hooks it doesn't need any structural work.

After we bought the dress and got it over to the shop for its work we met Brian, Erik, Brian's parents Jim and Becky and my personal attendant Marla at the reception hall, had a look at the whole thing empty, measured for the DJ and picked the menu. There will be both a cocktail hour with snacks and a full meal served as part of our reception so come hungry!

Yesterday afternoon my mom and I worked out the prelude, postlude and ceremony music. They are many things that will be played that are special to our families. As with other parts of our big day it will be a lot of fun!

Next weekend we will be working on the wedding power point, if you have any great or funny pictures of either one of us please mail to 1320 Aberdeen Lincoln, NE 68512 and we'll scan them in and then send them back to you, or you can e-mail them electronically to .

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