Monday, July 13, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Sunday morning after breakfast we addressed all the wedding invitations, got them into their inner envelopes and got everything ready to go. It was amazing that we made it through in one session. Since we had to do one air mail (Hi Melissa and Luis) we waited for the post office to open on Monday so that we could take it all in one trip. Here are a few pictures from the experience.

In Ely we sauna on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. As Brian mentioned in yesterday's post the water is refreshing (COLD) this summer so you have to psych yourself up a little before you get in. We made it about 20 minutes in the sauna and then jumped into the lake. Erik decided he would sauna and shower the way we did last year after high adventure. The best thing about sauna is the instant effect on your skin. I think we always look younger the next day!

This morning we checked out our boat and went for the scenic tour of the lake. About ten minutes in we decided since Erik is practicing driving he might as well get more familiar with the boat. He did a great job getting us in between the many islands and hazards and we're hoping to do another "tour" tonight.

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