Friday, July 24, 2009

Bride's Errands

Yesterday was a very busy bride day =) I got off work at 10:30, tried a new pedicure place (my toes look great thank you!), picked Brian up from dropping the tech van off for repairs and took him back to work, stopped by the used book store (I know that's really not wedding related), tried on a slew of dresses at one bridal store, got estimates from two caterers for the rehearsal dinner, tried on another dress, stopped to see a friend, met the groom to look at a few things, bought ribbon for the favors, got a unity candle, cake cutters and a possible veil, had dinner with my mom and went back to the bridal store to try to make a decision. By 8:30 I was completely worn out!!!

Good news though, the camera's for the reception hall came in yesterday's mail and all is well with them. Brian and I contacted the photographer last night and we've narrowed it down to three options for the engagement picture for the paper and ordered an 8x10 to have matted for the reception. All in all we've had a pretty productive week. The RSVP's are continuing to trickle in and we're getting more excited every day.

For those who are counting. The wedding is in 6 weeks and 1 day. Make sure to keep pedaling and stay hydrated! We'll see you soon!

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