Friday, February 21, 2014

I Am Out of Free Skips for the Month on Songza

Yesterday it was warm enough to run outside (44) but we had this freakish snow and ice in the morning and there were 45 mph wind gusts, so I tried out the running shorts again in the basement. Running in our basement has parts that are good and bad. 120 laps equals 2 miles! I pulled up my Songza and flipped it onto the TV. I almost always opt for 90's music or R&B to get moving. Yesterday I used up the rest of my skips for the month and declined to pay the $3.99 a month to have unlimited skips. I didn't bring my iPod down so I spent some time changing the stations. I can say yesterday was the first time I've run to Mariah Carey AND the first time I've ever heard 4 Non-Blondes remixed by a DJ. It was good and I was glad to be done. We had a quick dinner of sauteed zucchini, steamed spinach, cantalope, chipotle salmon and 10 minute farro cooked with vegetable broth. I had a little brain fart while I was cooking and completely spaced making a starch to go with our dinner so I had a plate of veggies and fruit followed by carbs and protein. Brian was gone at church and scouts all night and I finished the last 50 pages of my boring Innovation textbook!!! A little more reading, one more post, two projects and I will be done with grad school!!!!

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