Monday, February 3, 2014

Life is Too Busy Sometimes

I got behind again!!! Wednesday night I walked the dogs for an hour and then spent the evening on homework. Thursday they were able to go an hour again but it got pretty chilly! Friday afternoon before we went out of town I did what was supposed to be a martial arts fusion but was mostly kickboxing intermingled with dancing around the living room. That will be a one time work out. Saturday was cold and blustery and I worked out shoveling snow for 45 minutes - hopefully my arms will look awesome by summer. Sunday morning was spent at church and in the afternoon I did an hour on the trainer so that I could splurge on homemade pizza last night during the game. Friday night was date night between Blair and Omaha. One of Brian's bankers is a part of the Rotary Club and they had a dueling pianos fundraiser. I ate some of the best prime rib I have ever had, drank too much beer and had nightmares.

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