Thursday, February 27, 2014

You Dirty Dog

It's terrible when winter is so long and cold that you have to wait for a day above freezing to give the dogs a bath. Our two bassets were stinky and itchy and in need of a good clean up. Yesterday it was too windy and cold to go for a walk but it was warm enough to take a bath, get towel dried and hang out in the house. I got off at 4:30, threw dinner together, started laundry and then got both our dogs into the tub. Everyone smells nice and fresh and I think they are less itchy! While they dried out I spent an hour on the trainer and then I finished up my Business Intelligence class and worked on the music for my final project in Innovations. This morning I was 2 pounds lighter!!! Success!!! Now I just have to keep it off. I'm trying to cut back further on my salt so we'll see if that causes a consistent change. It looks like we are gearing up for another snow storm, which means more running in the basement. The Songza and I will have to come to an agreement!

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