Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Run, Run, Bike, Run, Practice the Method

Sorry, I haven't fallen off the planet, even though it seems that way! Thursday after work I ran two miles in the basement with the Songza. Some days we are completely in sync, other days I think the device is confusing me with Erik. Friday I got off early, and got a speeding ticket! I was scheduled to run on Saturday, when the forecast high was 8, but Friday was a gorgeous spring afternoon so after lunch out with a friend I put on my running gear and did 5 miles (our house to Essex and back). After the run I collapsed on the couch for a bit, chugged a bunch of water and then we headed over for dinner at my father-in-law's office. Saturday was bitterly cold as promised but Erik was home and we went to see Wayne Brady at the Lied. After an hour on the bike laughter was the best medicine! Sunday morning was all about church, then we had lunch with Erik, I ran two more miles in the basement and I submitted the final project for my Master's!!! Monday I worked later than anicipated, threw together leftovers for dinner and then did 30 minutes of Tracy Anderson Method - Beginner 2. This morning my legs, butt and shoulders are still on fire. It is amazing to me that I don't sweat during the workout but feel like I might die the next day!

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