Friday, March 21, 2014

Dehydrated and Miserable

Last night I ran three miles from Shopko to our house. It was a BAD run. My times were good but I felt terrible. I did a Tri Berry GU (it gives me powers like a super hero) and Brian dropped me off with my iPod, my phone and the knowledge that I could get in at home =) About half a mile in my right ankle started to feel a little tender, the same for the side of my left foot. At one mile my left hip raised an objection and I told it where to go. On the way down the big hill I felt out of breath and my right knee and calf felt like they just couldn't work together. Usually around the end of the second mile I begin to feel amazing and love the thrill of the run, but not last night. Last night every section of my familiar path was miserable. I pushed through, walked 4 times and finished in 43 minutes. I am not sure if it was because I was dehydrated or that I haven't had adequate rest time, or if this is the first time I've run that distance with temperatures in the 60's. For the upcoming week of training I will focus on pre-run hydration for the whole day. (Diet Cherry Pepsi will be consumed in limited quantities in favor of water). I am also planning to take ibuprofen an hour before my training runs to see if that will help with joint irritation during the run. I know there are a number of purists who say you should listen to your body, but seriously, if my fat had its way - we would eat ice cream for dinner, read mysteries all day, and cap off every night with tequila shots... someone has to be a responsible adult!

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