Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hot and Cold

My work life is CRAZY busy right now. Some days I work all day and I'm not sure if I produce anything. Yesterday it was in the low 40's with bright sunshine when I got off. I got into my running gear and had Brian drop me off at Shopko so that I could run home. My times felt very slow and I worked myself completely out of breath, but in the end I was averaging 12-13 minute miles. It is odd, when I am only running two miles I run a very consistent time but longer distances are definitely affecting my times, even if it just one mile further. When I got home I was covered in sweat so I hit the showers and then we had egg cups for dinner. Hopefully the protein burst worked its magic. After dinner I delivered the neighborhood newsletters and was freezing cold and then ran a few errands. On run days I am usually exhausted by the time we go to bed so last night I crashed out hard and felt really refreshed today. Hopefully spring will be here soon!

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