Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Never Eat and Run

Yesterday was CRAZY busy. I worked all day, went to a funeral visitation, registered for STOP class and then stopped by Brian's office to look at a new car. We are now the proud owners of a Blizzard Frost (white) 2012 Toyota Highlander. Pretty exciting stuff! After that I took our dogs for a 3.5 mile walk, made dinner (Eggbeater Frittata with yellow and orange peppers, roasted mushrooms and fresh strawberries) and then went downstairs for my 2 mile run. I obviously ate WAY too much for dinner. At just over 1 mile I had some pressure and fullness but I decided to push through. (That's what runners do isn't it?) The last quarter mile I felt like someone was kicking me in the back and squeezing my ribs. After my run I took off my shoes and socks then laid on the floor in the basement and prayed for relief. Finding none I went upstairs and took an alka seltzer (Brian is AWESOME) and rested on the couch until it was time to go to bed. The rest of the week calls for two 3 mile runs (I'm trying to pick a route) and then my usual cross training. I promise to some day be a better runner and do regular strength training and yoga!

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