Monday, March 31, 2014

Til the Wheels Fall Off

This weekend was a whirlwind. Thursday night I ran my 3 miles in the basement then hit the showers and spent most of the evening with my friend Vicki. We had WAY too much fun catching up and then cruising and shopping in our new Highlander. Friday I got off work early and got Brian and I packed for a weekend in KC. My first organized run ever was Saturday morning. I did the Diva Dash in KC. I finished in the first 1000 runners, out of more than 2000 and had a great time. After I got cleaned up we met Uncle Wayne and Aunt Mary for lunch at Jack's Stacks and then headed home, after a quick stop at the Legends for the cutest ever pair of purple Nike's! Sunday morning I got up semi early (I was really tired) and then ran 8 miles. Our house to the Bob Devaney Center is a long way! My legs are still sore - must be from the back to back runs. I spent the rest of the day on the couch drinking a LOT of water and watching bad television and we were asleep close to 8:30 last night. My poor kitty Angel has been sick for a little more than a week now. I'm not sure if the antibiotics are really doing anything and we can barely get her to eat. She is 17 now and I've had her 6 years longer than I thought we would so every day is a blessing... and I really don't want her to suffer. Brian is calling the vet this morning and either I'll take her today or he'll take her tomorrow. If we have to have her put down I want to make sure that Erik can say goodbye to her!

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