Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Weekends Are Booked

So literally, I have been out of grad school for 9 days =) And my weekends from now until our summer vacation are almost completely booked. We have concert tickets, 5K's, the Lincoln Half Marathon, the first Bryan Bash ride, the Wear Yellow Ride, Boy Scout rides, the Norfolk Triathlon, and then some family fun. Plus getting things done at my mom's that have spent the last 6 years on the back burner. Yesterday Erik got his wisdom teeth out - he was a total trooper! We iced, ate, took pain medicine and watched a lot of television. He was able to sleep through the night (YIPEE) and today he is on his own. Last night after dinner (homemade tomato soup) Brian and I took the dogs for a walk in the cemetery and talked about future jobs for me and when we got home I rode the trainer for an hour and watched Big Bang Theory, Real Housewives of Atlanta and My 600 Pound Life. I was completely exhausted by the time we went to bed and I think I was asleep before Brian even had the dogs kenneled!

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