Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Goodbye to Bucket

I was completely emotionally exhausted from John's funeral yesterday. The service was very nice. Although John was raised in a Catholic family he didn't practice religion as an adult. His funeral had more than 500 people and the priest was his first cousin Michael. Father Michael knew the great things about John and how he loved to help people. John's brother Bill talked about their life as children and how John was influenced by a few of his father's sayings. One of those was that when times got tough the Zimmer's would be there. And John was. I have so many stories about John and Lynda and their boys and the times I shared with them. John was always willing to help, fix, care, share and tease. He was a major influence on my life, and I'm not sure I realized it until he was already gone. There will never be another person like him in my life. At the graveside service everyone did a shot of Crown Royal for John. A toast to a man who loved life, and people, and food, and whiskey, and motorcycles, and his family most of all. A man who I will always miss!

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