Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sock It To Me

Yesterday I did a two mile run in the cemetery. It was sunny and 65 degrees so I put on my favorite running knickers from Nike and a t-shirt and hit the road. On our trip to Minnesota I picked up some running socks to try. I got a pair of Merrill's Running Socks at Mall of America that make my feet SO HAPPY. They are cushioned and have a little compression and are seriously the cats meow. I also picked up 4 pairs at Adidas. The Adidas runnign socks are very pretty but I learned yesterday that they don't come up very high on the back of my heel and since everything is melting, I need something to absorb the splashes to keep my shoe from rubbing. I am going to try them again in "dry" conditions and will test them on the bike to see if they will work well for that. They do have a little extra "support" in the arch so I appreciated that. After the run I took the dogs for an hour walk and then packed up for my very last class in Omaha!!! 10 more days of class work and I will be done with my graduate degree! Even more good news? I broke my plateau and lost half a pound - after hovering at this weight for so long I'll take it!

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