Friday, February 14, 2014

Three Desserts Two Workouts

Yesterday I had a lunch meeting at work. I ordered a mostly healthy lunch - baked potatoes with chili, chicken, broccoli and a little cheese. I made sure my plate was full of fiber rich veggies and then I decided I should try one of the butterscotch brownies. They were rich, sweet, chewy and SO decadent. The sugar bugs won and at the end of the meeting I decided I probably needed a lemon/blueberry bar for the road. It was good but maybe not worth the calories the way the brownie was. When I got home from work I took the boys for an hour walk and then whipped up Thai peanut butter tofu (delicious) and kale chips. We had deacons last night and after an hour of laughs I scooped up a chocolate cupcake, got groceries and then went home and ran 120 laps (2 miles) in the basement. By the time we slipped into bed I was over 19,000 steps for the day. My feet are a bit tired this morning but in a good way. Friday and Sunday are supposed to be rest days but I'm thinking some time on the bike tonight will help me to stretch out and unwind.

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