Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get With The Program

Last night after an especially delicious dinner of whole wheat spaghetti and fundraiser breadsticks Brian and I sat down and picked out the programs for the wedding ceremony. We went back and forth maybe a dozen times over the last few weeks and finally realized they're about 10 days to ship.... and the wedding is in 23 days. So we had to get them done. We finally decided on a black and white option. We looked at all the color options, went over verses, stared for hours and and hours at pages of options. Finally we decided that the black and white went better with our wedding than any of the color options and then we narrowed things down with verses. The one I loved best as far as the cover picture was entirely written in Spanish and I had no idea what it said so we decided that many of our guests wouldn't be able to read it and it was probably dangerous for us to order it not knowing what it said =)

Erik got done with band right at 8 last night and spent an hour or so cooling off and getting food and Gatorade into his body. There are only four more days of two a day band practices and one of them is the picnic so at least he'll have some fun.

Today Brian and I are going to pick up the wedding bands during his lunch hour. I'm getting off early and then going for a spa treatment. I think I'm doing really well with wedding stress, and I have managed to not channel Bridezilla in any way, but, every once in awhile I get nervous about what I may have forgotten or what has been neglected on the to do list so this afternoon I'm going to try for a little relaxation.

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