Friday, August 14, 2009

Hip and Trendy

Last night the girl who did my facial told me all about her wedding planning. For a few moments I felt like I had lost all sense of hip and cool. She isn't getting married for another two years and they have already broken up three times, and he hasn't given her the ring yet, just told her what he wants to buy her.... so maybe it'll happen and maybe it won't. But... her groom and his men are doing to wear black converse sneakers and suits with no vest and no jacket. I thought that "suits" with no vest and no jacket was just pants and a dress shirt but evidently I am mistaken. Her bridesmaids will wear a jersey (t-shirt) material wrap dress with a colored sash and a peacock feather mixed in with their bouquet. I am so glad that my bridesmaids decided on something fancy... and pretty. I know that stylists are artists. Does this flow over to estheticians? Our wedding will be pretty and FUN. We want everyone to come and enjoy themselves. While it appears we won't be a part of the new wedding "scene" hopefully it will be wonderful for everyone involved.

Yesterday afternoon when I got a few things out of the downstairs freezer I noticed that the poor thing was completely covered in frost and was starting to feel rather desperate so I started the defrosting and Brian finished it. At least we're ready for Erik's next fundraiser =) Playing in a cold freezer on a hot day isn't as much fun as your would think.

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