Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yawn and Stretch

We finished meeting with the DJ last night at 9:45, and then did homework until 11:30, it was not the best assignment I've ever turned in. And now I'm SLEEPY!!! Tonight we have field practice with the marching band (we're going to be trying out the band props) and then we have to get things ready to send to family in Florida for the celebration there. After that we HAVE to do the program so it can be reviewed by the church secretary and minister and then printed this weekend...

I stopped on the way home and finalized the catering for the rehearsal dinner and Brian is finalizing with the reception hall this morning so everyone will be fed... and deep down in my DNA I'm a Kirkegaard so having everyone fed is REALLY important =)

Can't wait to see everyone! 10 more days!!!

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