Saturday, August 15, 2009

It was... Fantastick

Today my mom and I headed down to Brownville, Nebraska to see their presentation of The Fantasticks. They did a wonderful job and we really enjoyed ourselves. We were able to talk about the wedding, work, and Erik and I moving into the new house. Had a great mother/daughter day and got to relax. Before the performance we went to Whiskey Run Creek Vineyard and sampled almost all their whites and one of their reds. The wine was surprisingly delicious. We came home with two bottles and snacked on Husker cheese, summer sausage and crackers on the deck. There is a beautiful man made waterfall and it was VERY peaceful. For those who have never been, Brownville is a historical little town on the Nebraska/Missouri border. There are adorable antebellum homes, a bike path, the vineyard, a music performance hall, a repertory theater and a Lewis and Clark Museum housed on a steamboat. It was well worth the 90 minute drive from Lincoln and we'll likely turn it into an annual ritual.

We counted our RSVP's today and came up with a lot of unknowns. The RSVP date is August 19 so hopefully we'll see a lot of action this week. Otherwise we'll have to call our reception hall and get their advice on an estimate.... If you're reading this, please let us know if you can make it, even if it's tentative. We want to make sure to have enough chairs and food =)

Now we're off to Ribfest. Tomorrow morning we'll stop at Great Harvest Grain Company to support their annual Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser and then head to church to meet with the minister and run through how our ceremony will go. In the afternoon I have a bridal shower with my bridesmaids and friends and Brian, Erik, Greg and Roger will be heading to Men's Warehouse for their tuxedo fittings. We are planning for early bedtimes since Brian is preparing to leave for Indianapolis for a week. Off to drink beer and listen to live music =)

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