Thursday, January 9, 2014

Completely Exhausted

Wednesday is generally my longest day at work. I got out a few minutes later than usual yesterday, raced to my inlaws where Brian had finished snow removal, went to my mom's and shoveled her house and her neighbors, came home and while Brian went to town with the snow blower I shoveled our driveway, the back sidewalk and the steps from the sidewalk to the house then went in to make dinner and start laundry. After dinner I went to the basement for a ballet balance workout. It was only 15 minutes but that's good because I'm not sure I had the patience to go any longer. This morning my shoulders are a little sore. The workout had a lot of core/ab work but I'm not noticing that as much. At 8:30 I put the last load of laundry into the dry and climbed into bed. I feel more refreshed this morning. Hopefully this weekend I can get back onto our regular schedule. I feel like we are still in holiday mode having a few parties left to go.

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