Thursday, January 2, 2014

In 2014 I Will

I'm a planner - it's a blessing and a curse!!! I have a big list of plans for this year. Among them is returning to the blog! In 2014 I am planning to: Run my first ever half marathon - with my friend Susan - my training schedule starts February 9 - while we are on vacation1 Complete in my first ever triathalon - with my friend Susan - my training schedule starts in March =) Purge my old bedroom at my mom's - we have been married almost FIVE years now - I think it's pretty permanent. Purge Erik's old bedroom at my mom's - he has ougrown all the clothes - and almost all of the toys. Purge our garage - if it's been in a box for almost 5 years chances are good that I don't need it Purge our laundry room - old clothes - I'm looking at your - someone will appreciate and wear you! HAVE a MASSIVE Garage Sale - probably during neighborhood garage sale weekend. Graduate with a Master's - the ceremony is January 25 - the date classes end for me is March 1 - Brian is already done! Take a weekend trip to Minneapolis - because I need training clothes - and more shoes! Take our annual family summer vacation to Ely - this year with NO TEXTBOOKS! Celebrate my mom's 65th birthday - in Lincoln and with any luck in Orlando Florida Spend time with friends - I have had the joy to nurture a number of new and old friendships and I love spending time with my girls! See a movie, in the theater - once a month! This will be a killer challenge for me. I am not big on movie theaters but Brian and I loved them when we were young - any recommendations for January? Finishing landscaping our house - including new sod - oh please be a nice spring!!! Paint our office - since we have been in our house almost 5 years - and I have the paint - and the curtains - all I can say is that college is hard! That's it! Read a stack of paperbacks - I have already purchased them! Join a book club - socially or at church - I'm just ready for some personal books! Serve my last year as a deacon - we have two parishes right now so that will take some time. Celebrate happy hour with Brian once a week - at home or a bar! Cheer for the storm - every time that Erik wears their uniform. Start Paying off Student Loans Move into a new career - either with the hospital or somewhere else. I am looking forward to the change!

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